Picture Information from Candid Color

Candid Color Photography posts all sports individual and team images on our website. Only those athletes that take a picture with the photographer will have an image available for viewing and purchase. Below are the three ordering options:


Prepay ONLINE at www.candidcolor.net

  • Click Sports Portraits
  • Enter SMPREPAY
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Return the order form and online order receipt to the photographer. 
  • Note: Prepay is only available BEFORE the school’s scheduled picture day. Those that use it after picture day will see delays with their order.


Prepay at the camera… 

  • You should have received paper order forms via courier or UPS. Coaches should distribute these to all athletes.
  • Athletes will follow the instructions on the order form. 
  • Order forms with payment should be returned to the photographer. 


On Picture Day…

We request all athletes participate so we take a picture of every subject. Please make sure your coaches alert athletes to attend and take a picture. Athletes that do not take a picture will not have an image for parents to purchase.


After Picture Day…

Pictures will be available to purchase online for those that did not order in advance. Allow about four weeks after photo day to be posted. 



  • Go to candidcolor.net
  • Click on Sports Portraits
  • Enter your Access Code:  TBMSM23
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to order your team and/or individual photos.


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