William & Mary - Virtual Summer Enrichment Program

William & Mary School of Education Center for Gifted Education is offering their Virtual Summer Enrichment Program for K-12 Students.

Registration Closes June 3rd

Session 1 runs from June 20-24

Session 2 runs from June 27-July 1


Requirements for New Applicants:
1. Test scores
Students who have scored in the 95th percentile or above on a nationally normed aptitude or achievement test are
eligible. Application test scores at the 95th percentile or better must be in at least one of the following areas: reading
comprehension, vocabulary, language total, math total, math concepts, math problem-solving, science, social studies,
or the composite. Contact your child’s school to determine if it has participated in a qualified test (examples below) and
if the scores may be made available to you.
2. Student Recommendation
3. Completed program application forms via Campsite and all required documentation.
4. Payment via SEP Payment Portal


Visit the website and view the Brochure for additional information!

Summer Enrichment Program 2022.pdf, 5.92 MB; (Last Modified on May 4, 2022)