K20 Free Strategy Website

Posted by Matthew Auth on 1/29/2019

K20 Strategy Page

Looking for a new teaching/learning strategy?  Stuck doing the same think pair share or jigsaw?  K20 Learn is a great, free, resource for sparking new ideas in the classroom.  It has over 100 different strategies that can be applied in a variety of uses.  The website lists out all the strategies on cards that, when you hover over, flip and gives a brief description.

Gif demostrating Card flips from K20 webstie

  If you like what you read you can click on the card and get a more in-depth explanation. 

3-2-1 Instructional Strategy

There are also a number of filters that you can apply to narrow down what you’re looking for

K20 Filters

This is a perfect resource for tweaking the great things you’re already doing in your classroom or for finding that new idea that will take your teaching to the next level. 

K20 Center Instructional Strategies