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There is a significant relationship between student attendance and student achievement.  We want students to be successful at York High School and in order to achieve that goal, we need your student to attend school and be on time every day unless they are ill.  If your student is ill, please send in a note or email our attendance secretary, Allison Martinez at within 24 hours.  Legitimate reasons for absences are illness, death in immediate family, doctor or dental appointment (not possible to be scheduled on non-school time), and or exceptional circumstances as determined by the building principal. 

Absences occurring on those pre-determined test dates should be avoided and will only be considered excused under extreme extenuating circumstances.  For any other reason, the absence is unexcused.  If the student accumulates excessive (10 or more) absences, a physician’s note may be required. 

(YCSD Student Handbook, page 1)