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Tiger News, 9-17-2018

Tabb Elementary School
Tiger Times
September 17, 2018


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Some Upcoming Events for September

18th-28th- Color Days- See schedule in the notes below

24th- Family Life Education Parent Preview Night- Mt. Vernon Elementary Library-6:00 p.m.

25th- PK-2nd Grade Parent Back to School Night-6:00 p.m.-7:45 p.m.

27th- Fall Picture Day-Ordering information has been sent home.

27th- 3rd- 5th Grade Parent Back to School Night-6:00 p.m.-7:45 p.m


I invite you to visit our school division website at

There are so many ways to stay connected to our school division events. See the website for info on downloading the new YCSD app, attend sporting events, or catch-up on instructional news.

The next regularly scheduled School Board Meeting is Monday, September 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at York Hall. The agenda for the evening and past minutes can be found here:

Visitor ID Check-In System

During school hours, all visitors must enter through the main entrance of the school and report directly to the front office. Visitors seeking to enter other areas of the building, or seeking release of students prior to student dismissal, will be asked to present a valid state-issued ID. Each guest’s ID will be scanned in order to print a visitor’s badge which includes the person’s photo, name, and time of arrival. All visitors are required to wear their badge while on school property and sign out in the front office as they are leaving the building. As an added security feature, the scanning process now includes a cross reference to the national and state sex offender registry. If a visitor does not have a state-issued ID, staff may request an alternate government issued ID and manually check the visitor in through the system. We thank you for your cooperation as we work to ensure that our schools are safe.


TES Color Days

My apologies for the confusing message about our “Color Days” this week. I mistakenly said that we would pick up with the color red today, but we won’t start the color days fun until tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18th. The color days are listed below:

Tue.       9/18 red
Wed.     9/19 yellow
Thur.     9/20 green
Fri.          9/21 orange or polka dots
Mon.     9/24 purple
Tue.       9/25 pink/gray
Wed.     9/26 black
Thur.     9/27 white
Fri.          9/28 Color Explosion- wear as many different colors as you’d like!

Parent Back-to-School Nights

Our Back to School Nights for parents will be held next week. On Tuesday, September 25th we will welcome parents of PK-2nd grade students and on Thursday, September 27th we will welcome parents of 3rd-5th grade. The PTA meeting will be held from 6:00-6:30 and classroom visitations will be held in two sessions, 6:30-7:00, and 7:05-7:35.

Aspen Security Codes

If you are new to the county and need to get your Aspen security code to set up your account you can stop by the office anytime to pick-up your account verification letter. Due to the confidentiality of the letter, we will not be able to send them home with students.   If you were in the district last year your account information hasn’t changed. You can reset your password on your own using the link provided on the login page.

Forms to Be Returned

The following forms & handbook pages should be returned to your child’s teachers as soon as possible:

*Student Enrollment Information- blue card

*Health Update Form- fluorescent green card

*2018-2019 Student Handbook Pages

Pages 75, 77 and 79 are to be completed, signed and returned to your student’s teacher

Page 75 Parental Acknowledgement/Release Form

Page 77 Family Life Education Removal Request (return only if you are removing your student from Family Life)

Page 79 Student/Parent Technology Usage Form


If your student is absent and the Attendance Secretary has not been notified, an automatic phone call will be sent at 10:15am to confirm your student’s absence.  All absences require a note from a parent or doctor to be excused. Please call 898-0372, and send a note to the office or email Mrs. Dasovich at

New State Attendance Policy

The Virginia Department of Education's public school accountability reporting system defines "chronic absenteeism" as students who miss 10 percent or more of the school year.  According to the York County Public School’s handbook, “To comply with the Code of Virginia § 22.1-254, students are expected to attend school every day and be on time unless there is illness or death in the immediate family.  Doctor, dental, or personal appointments should be made on days off, half days, or after school hours when possible. Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing the school with a note (within 24 hours) indicating the reason(s) for the absence. Legitimate reasons for absences are: illness, death in immediate family, doctor or dental appointment (not possible to be scheduled on non-school time), and/or exceptional circumstances as determined by the building principal.” 

Proper documentation must be provided for late arrivals to school and early dismissals in order for it to be excused.  Late arrivals and early dismissals will not be approved without documentation of an appointment. Please see the chart below in regards to attendance.

5 unexcused absences

·A parent conference will be scheduled and an attendance contract will be developed. A letter will sent home and placed in the student file.

10 or more absences

·Proper documentation will be required for any future absences to be excused.

A letter will sent home and placed in the student file. A parent conference may be scheduled and an attendance contract may be developed.

15 days of consecutive absences

·Withdrawal of the student from the attendance roll.


If you have any questions about attendance, please email Mrs. Mary Lugo at An absence of three or more days must be approved by Mrs. Lugo prior to the absence. Please begin the approval process by sending your request, along with the reason for the absence to Marie Dasovich at

Complete attendance information can be viewed in the Student Handbook beginning on page1.

Morning Drop-Off

We appreciate your patience as we work with our transportation department, school administration, and law enforcement to develop a safe and orderly morning arrival system. While we are still fine-tuning a plan to safely and efficiently bring all of our car riders and drop-off students into the parking lots in the morning, we ask for your help in a few areas.

  1. Please do not allow students to exit your vehicle on Big Bethel Road, or use the church parking lot across the street. We do not have crossing guards or school employees on the main road during arrival. Students should only exit cars that are parked in marked spaces, or have entered the carpool line.
  2. Please ensure your student is ready to exit your car as soon as the door is opened. Often we are waiting for students to put on a coat or shoes, finish a last bite of breakfast, get an agenda signed, etc. When we wait for these tasks to be completed, it further slows our line.
  3. Remind your son or daughter to exit from the right side car door only. At times, cars drive on the left side of the car line waiting to drop off students. Because we do not have staff on that side of the parking lot, we need for students to exit only on the right side.
  4. Our first bell does not ring until 8:30. Students may not enter the building before that time. On occasion, we may have to begin unloading students earlier in order to get the car line moving to allow busses to enter our parking lot. In those cases, students will have to line-up outside in the elements while waiting for the school doors to open. Please be sure that students are prepared to stand outside in the various weather conditions.

Thank you and we appreciate your continued support!

Afternoon Pick-Up of Students

Our instructional day ends at 3:20 P.M. We ask that you please refrain from picking-up your students prior to the dismissal bell unless you have a necessary appointment or emergency. We try to preserve the instructional day as much as possible, and end of the day dismissal from the classroom are a distraction to the students and teacher. Regular parent pick-ups should proceed to the gym for parent We appreciate your help in waiting until the end of the day to release your student. Also, please send a note to your child’s teacher should you need to pick-up your child early. This allows the teacher and front office staff to prepare for your student’s departure.

For our students’ safety, and to maintain an orderly dismissal, please refrain from coming to the office to pick-up your students after 3:15, or after 12:35 on early dismissal days. Instead, please use the parent pick-up door in our gym, to the left side of our school.

We will not be able to let parents into the building for parent pick-up until a majority of our students have made it to the gym. The door will typically open at approximately 3:25. Parents choosing to wait for parent pick-up may wait in a line on the sidewalk along our cafeteria. It is extremely important that you have your “Parent Pick-up Number Card” available to show our staff members in the gym. You will be asked to retrieve your number, or you may be asked to go into the main office to sign-out your student. Having your card lets us know that you are authorized to pick up your student/s. Thank you for your help in making sure that our students have a safe and orderly dismissal.

Thank you for your help.

Bus Routes

The York County School Division has a software system to manage school bus transportation.
The system is designed to improve bus routing efficiencies and bus tracking while a bus is on its assigned route.

Families can use the system to find regular bus routes, bus stops and bus stop times for the 2018-19 school at:

The arrival time is an automated estimate for all regular full school days; actual arrival times are determined by school departure time, travel distance, traffic, route design and student needs.

Last school year, division activated the MyStop software that provide information about the child's bus while it is traveling the assigned route. The MyStop app includes notifications if a child's bus is running behind schedule.  Bus Routes and MyStop can be accessed through the school division and all school websites as well as the new YCSD app.

NOTE: Runs are continually updated through the first month of school


Spirit Wear

PTA will be selling Spirit Wear at our Back to School Events. Please bring cash or checks to purchase your new TES spirit wear.

Reflections Contest

Do you enjoy art, music and dance or have an interest in writing, producing films and taking photos? Then join us and have fun unleashing your inner artist with PTA Reflections! This year’s theme, “Heroes Around Me,” calls for your own unique interpretation through the arts. Create an original work of:

Dance Choreography                     Film Production                 Literature

Music Composition                        Photography                      Visual Arts

For inspiration, visit the Reflections virtual art gallery and learn more about prizes and scholarships at  Contact our PTA President, Noelle Stanley with any questions,   More information will be coming out at a later date.

Entry forms and official rules can also be found online at