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In the York County School Division, attendance is a key element in our students’ success. The division strives to support the community and families to help foster each child’s achievement. It is our mission at BMES to have each student not miss more than 10% of their school year.

Unexcused vs. Excused Absences


  • An unexcused absence is any absence that does not have a documented reason.
  • Any absence that does not meet the criteria for excusable reasons. (See Below)


  • An excused absence is when the parent provides documentation to the school attendance officer within 72 hours of the absence.
  • The reason for absence falls under one of the following categories: illness, death in the family, funeral, legal obligations, suspensions, religious observances, military obligations, injury, medical procedures, doctor appointments, and/or exceptional circumstances as determined by the building principal.

Make-up Work

  • Upon an approval of an excused absence, parents/guardians should give teachers 24 hours’ notice to have their child’s assignments.
  • Students are not allowed to make up any daily work or assessments missed during unexcused absences or unexcused tardies. This could potentially have a negative impact on their grade.


  • Written documentation is required to excuse any absence. In your notes, please make sure to have:
    • Student first and last name & grade level
    • The date of the absence
    • A reason for the absence
    • A parent/guardian
  • You may send your notes to the main office or email directions to:
  • If a student accumulates excessive (10 or more) absences, a physician’s note may be required.

For Full details see-- Attendance PDF