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GMS PE teachers researched options to promote PE in a healthy and safe manner while developing their Continuity of Learning plans. Coach Stacey Mata created a mobile app that engages students and allows them to be accountable for their own fitness.  Information in the app covers a wide variety of topics including the benefits of PE, health, nutrition, virtual field trips, and mental health activities.  There are fitness assessments, daily workouts for all fitness levels, and yoga. The Recreation and Fitness and Fun at Home sections offer suggestions for the whole family to participate together and includes modifications for popular games using items found around the house.   

 As fitness professionals GMS PE teachers know how a variety of choices can spark excitement for their own workouts and feel like adding this technology piece to the curriculum is taking the PE program to the next level of student engagement.  They plan to use it even when we return to the building and will continuously be adding new content. The GMS PE app had over 1000 users in just the first few weeks, which indicates that it may not be just the students using the app but families as well. Our PE teachers would love to have all YCSD kids and their families check it out and learn how to stay healthy, active and fit while at home. Get the GMS PE APP here.