Private Transportation Message

  • Dear Tiger Families,

    Student and staff safety is our top priority at Tabb Middle School.  As many of you know, our school experiences heavy traffic immediately before and after school.  This busy and congested environment may be inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be unsafe.  Please do your part to keep our students, staff and families out of harm’s way by following our procedures.

    • Use only designated drop off locations: Students who are brought to school by private means of transportation should only be dropped off and picked up in the front of the building between the two safety crosswalks.  Please refrain from parking and directing students to walk across the parking lot, dropping students off on Yorktown Road or dropping students off across the street on Villa Way and directing them to use the crosswalk.  These practices are not only dangerous but they also hinder the flow of traffic as families follow our arrival and departure procedures. 
    • Help keep traffic moving: If you are entering the parking lot from Hampton Highway and the first entrance is backed up to Yorktown Road, please proceed to the second entrance across from Villa Way.  This allows us to keep traffic on Yorktown Road moving and helps our buses to enter the parking lot. 
    • Laws regarding buses apply on school property: State law prohibits passing a stopped school bus when the red lights are flashing and the stop-arm is extended.  This includes when buses are loading or unloading students on school property.  We understand your time is very valuable and try our best to expedite our dismissal process, but the safety of our students, parents and staff is our top priority. 
    • Side lot closed: The side parking lot (near the trailer) is roped off just before dismissal.  Those who park in the lot prior to the closure will not be permitted to leave the parking lot until all cars in the parent pick up line have departed.  Those few families who are approved to use this lot due the needs of their student have been given a placard to place in their vehicle and are permitted to load and unload in this lot. 
    • NEW PROCESS FOR SPRING ATHLETIC SEASON: We need to revise our process for picking up student athletes from practices and competitions.  Our former practice blocked the fire lane and made it difficult for our bus drivers to safely park at the end of the day.   Drivers will still be able to pick up their athlete on the left side of the building, but will not pull their vehicle as far forward.  Drivers should not park or wait on the curve.  We are in the process of installing a sign to indicate where the line should start.  The line should wrap around the front of the school.  In addition, drivers must remain in their vehicles if they are in the fire lane so the vehicle can be promptly moved in case of an emergency.  Drivers are welcomed to park in the front of the building and walk to retrieve their athlete instead of using the line, if preferred. 
    • Watch for and follow staff instructions: Our dedicated crossing guards and staff are here to help students safely and efficiently get to where they need to be.  Please comply with their requests.
    • Allow extra time: Everyone is busy, but that’s no excuse to put our students’ safety at risk.  Leave a few minutes early to allow ample time to drop off and pick up. 
    • Put down your cell phone: Drivers are asked to refrain from using cell phones during student drop off and pick up.  We need drivers’ complete attention to follow the directions of staff and the crossing guard and distracted driving puts everyone in danger. 


     Thank you for helping us ensure a safe environment for our school community!


    Heather Young