• Drama 6

    This quarter-long, fun and creative wheel class provides opportunities for sixth grade students to explore various aspects of drama through the basic skills of expression and communication. Units will include pantomime, theater etiquette, storytelling, theater games, improvisation, vocal techniques, beginning technical theater, and basic acting skills. The class will learn the production team process in order to develop skills both individually and as an ensemble. 

    Intro to Drama

    This semester-long class is a fun and engaging orientation in all aspects of theater including movement, vocal work, fairytales, acting, scene work, commercials, monologue presentations and technical elements. Students will build on any prior knowledge of acting or enjoy developing new skills.  *Must take Intro. to Drama prior to taking Drama Productions

    Drama Productions

    This semester-long course delves deeper into the production process with the staging and execution of a full-length production. Students will be required to participate in some aspect of the production (actor/actress, stage manager, sound, costume, lighting, makeup, stage crew, etc.). Before the launch of the live performance, students will prepare and refine their "behind the scenes" skills with design and technical theater. Ensemble building, set design, light design, costume design, props construction, sound design, play production, monologues, scene work, criticism, video/commercial production are some of the subjects that are studied. This course is repeatable.