• Grafton Bethel Elementary
    410 Lakeside Drive
    Yorktown, VA 23692

    Phone (757) 898-0350
    Fax (855) 201-1460
    Attendance Notes: gbeattendance@ycsd.york.va.us

    Jennifer Humble,  Principal
    Ann Shoemaker,  Assistant Principal
    Daniel Ewing, ACI
    Rwanda Goolsby, School Pyschologist

    Front Office Staff
    Maria Sheets, Principal's Secretary, phone (757) 898-0351 
    Nanette Stewart, Attendance/Records Secretary, phone (757) 898-0350
    Teresa Morris, Office Clerk (757) 527-4805

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    To send an email, use the first initial and last name of the staff member, followed by @ycsd.york.va.us

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Preschool through Second Grade