About Us

BHS school building
  • Arletha Dockery, principal

    Our Mission

    Bruton High School seeks to provide a secure environment where students can develop the skills necessary to become knowledgeable, responsible and engaged citizens.

    Our Beliefs

    We recognize that the school's staff, students, parents and other members of the community share responsibility for providing a climate conducive to learning. To fulfill our mission we believe in:

    • Making learning our primary objective and setting high expectations for each student.
    • Encouraging all students to participate in the school's academically diverse and technologically integrated curriculum.
    • Maximizing student performance through the use of innovative, instructional strategies that presume a broad range of interests, talents and learning styles.
    • Providing co-curricular and extracurricular activities that foster the individual's personal development while underlining the importance of community involvement.

    Mascot: Panthers

    Bruton Zone Schools: 

    Magruder Elementary
    Waller Mill Elementary
    Queens Lake Middle
    Bruton High

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