• 9th Grade

    Typical Freshman Schedule includes 7-8 total credits:
    Four Core Classes:
    1. English 9 (1 credit)
    2. Earth Science* (1 credit)
    3. World History I* (1 credit)
    4. Algebra 1, Pt. 1a&b (1 credit) or Algebra 1*(1credit)

    *End-of-course SOL required

    5. Introduction to Web Design/Computer Repair (1 Credit)

    Year/1 credit semester rotation
    The Web Design portion is a semester long course where students learn to create and publish Web pages using HTML, XHTML, and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Students learn how to manipulate text, optimize images, insert hyperlinks, create tables, submit forms and build a portfolio. The Computer Repair portion is a semester course where students are introduced to the ideology and methodology of computer repair through hands on problem solving activities. Students learn to troubleshoot and repair computer problems that arise
    from hardware, software and peripheral malfunctions.

    6. Computer Information Systems 1 (1 Credit)

    Year/1 Credit
    Prerequisite: Computer Keyboarding
    In this course, students apply problem-solving skills to real-life situations through database, spreadsheets, word processing, and presentation software with integrated activities. Various digital input technologies, including speech recognition, are covered. This course prepares students to take the industrial certification exam to become a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).

    7. 21st Century Themes I (1 Credit)

    Year/1 Credit per course
    These two courses provide an interdisciplinary, creative, and innovative approach to ideas and contemporary themes. Students learn clear, cogent strategies for effective use of web-based expository writing and 21st century media. Second year content expands on skills learned in the first year and engages students in problem-based learning projects. Students work toward accomplishing objectives that will enable them to obtain IC3 certification, Basic Computer Literacy.