School Counseling


    The School Counseling Department would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you to the 2019-20 school year!





    Counselor (Grade 9) A-Z

    Heather Provorse


    Counselor (Grades 10-12) A-G

    Clifton Harmon


    Director (Grades 10-12) H-O

    Michele Williams


    Counselor (Grades 10-12) P-Z

    Kara Hogge



    Barbara Boutwell


    We would like to continue our "Open Door Policy" for students and parents seeking assistance. The counselors will be meeting with Seniors as soon as possible to update records and begin the college application/career planning process. Juniors and Sophomores will be assisted with future decisions about colleges and careers. The counselors' focus with Freshmen will be to help them transition into high school both academically and socially. We encourage the involvement of parents and will strive to keep an open channel of communication with you throughout the year.

    School counselors are available for students and parents to discuss academic progress, personal/social problems, and other areas of concern. Each situation will be dealt with confidentially on an individual basis. We believe in the "Team" approach including the family and school working together to help each student get the most from York. We want our students to be prepared after graduation to pursue their individual dreams. We are looking forward to working with you to bring about an exciting and successful school year.