Tabb High School Testing Information




    Ms. Sarah Young

    Assessment and Compliance Coordinator (ACC)


2021-2022 Important Testing Dates

  • 2022 AP Exams

    Monday, May 2: 8am AP US Government and Politics, 12pm AP Chemistry

    Tuesday, May 3: 8am AP Environmental Science, 12pm Psychology

    Wednesday, May 4: 8am AP English Literature, 12pm: AP Computer Science A

    Thursday, May 5: 8am AP Human Geography and AP Macroeconomics, 12pm AP Statistics

    Friday, May 6: 8am AP European History and AP US History, 12pm AP Microeconomics

    Monday, May 9: 8am AP Calculus AB and BC

    Tuesday, May 10: 8am AP English Language, 12pm AP Physics C: Mechanics, 2pm: AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

    Wednesday, May 11: 8am AP Chinese and AP Spanish Language, 12pm AP Biology

    Thursday, May 12: 8am AP World History and AP French Language, 12pm AP Physics I


    2022 Spring SOL Testing Dates

    Monday, May 16: World History I, World History II, and VA/US History

    Wednesday, May 18: Earth Science and Chemistry 

    Thursday, May 19: Biology

    Monday, May 23: Reading (English 11)

    Tuesday, May 24: Geometry and Algebra II

    Thursday, May 26: Algebra I

    Friday, May 27: World Geography

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