• Tabb Y-Street
    Tabb High School is an 8 year affiliate with Virginia’s Y-Street Youth Initiative. For students who are interested in hearing about and/or joining Y-Street this year, please read below:

    • What is Y-Street? Y-Street is Virginia's biggest youth-led movement. The 2,500 members are promoters, activists, and leaders fighting for a healthier Virginia for youth and adults. “Y-Sters” know how to have fun while causing social change!! We join together in different campaigns and how we achieve the campaign goals is totally up to us, the Tabb Y-Street members.
    • Who should join Y-Street? If you need or want volunteer hours or are just interested in becoming a community activist!  If you want to earn free stuff, including gift cards, cash, and scholarships! Then YStreet might be for you! For more info, visit https://ystreet.org/