African-American History Club - serves as an avenue for students to embrace, study and understand the wonderful heritage of African-Americans.
    Sponsors:  Ms. Shona Robinson and Mrs. Tamela Hughes

    Anime Club - provides students an exposure to this popular Japanese form of animation of artwork and promotes appreciation of art in general.
    Sponsor: Erick Grube

    Art Club - is designed to let students explore and experience art by way of monthly student generated art projects, visiting local artists, field trips to art museums and galleries, and contributing artistically to the community. Students use this club as an outlet for their creative side.
    Sponsor: Michelle Williams

    Band - THS offers competitive level band programs in the areas of marching, concert and jazz. Students must be enrolled in a band class to participate in one or more of these bands.  Band members are required to attend after-school practices and several performances throughout the school year.
    Sponsor/Teacher:  Ben Lawson

    BETA club – The National Beta Club is a service-oriented honor society.  The organization has State and National competitions to highlight individual excellence.  Its Mission Statement:  To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.

    ACHIEVEMENT - Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement
    CHARACTER - Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful
    LEADERSHIP - Developing the leaders of tomorrow
    SERVICE - Demonstrating our motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others
    Sponsors: Stephanie Miller and Elizabeth Milne

    Bowling Club - consists of all those who wish to bowl competitively in the Peninsula High School Traveling League. Over the years multiple teams have represented Tabb. Its purpose is friendly, bi-weekly competition during the winter season.
    Sponsor: Melanie White

    Chorus - at THS students, must be enrolled in choral classes to participate in chorus, small vocal ensembles, and jazz choir. Some after-school practices and performances required.
    Sponsor/Teacher: Gordon Parr

    Club Earth - works to promote environmental action and awareness both at Tabb High School and within the community.
    Sponsors:  Kristin Grigonis, Sherri Sklute, and Diane Pearce

    Debate Team - was the first activity offered to public schools through the VHSL. Students can participate in four different styles of debate: Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, Student Congress, and Policy. No previous experience is required. Students meet weekly to prepare for monthly debate tournaments with a VHSL post-season in the spring. The THS Debate Team is the 2019 1-3A State Champion and home to the reigning Lincoln-Douglas State Champion, Public Forum State Champions, and Students Congress State Runner Up.
    Sponsor:  Leighton Scott

    DECA - DECA is an Association of Marketing Students. DECA prepares emerging leaders in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe to be college AND career ready. With a nearly 75-year history, DECA has impacted the lives of more than ten million students, educators, school administrators and business professionals since it was founded in 1946. Students must be enrolled in a Marketing class at THS to become a member of DECA. Students will have professional opportunities such as: educational experience trips, guest speakers, job training, and competitive events at the District, State, and National level.
    Sponsors: Lynn Pitchford and Christina Majka

    National English Honor Society - is an affiliate of the “only national organization exclusively for high school students and faculty who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments.” Members are required to perform service hours in the language arts fields.
    Sponsor: Lori Hinkley and Amanda Geruschat

    Environmental Clean-Up Club -
    Sponsor: Nathan Sharp

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) - helps to develop business leadership through strengthening the confidence of students in themselves and their work.
    Sponsor: Gordon Chai and Matt Lawson

    Flag Corps/Winter Guard - is an indoor/outdoor performing arts group who perform in conjunction with the band at football games and also at competitions throughout the school year.
    Sponsor: Ben Lawson

    Forensics - is another VHSL sponsored activity. Students compete for medals and trophies by presenting speeches, scenes, poems, cuttings, and stories.
    Sponsor: Ms. Koontz and Ms. Nivison

    French Club – The French Club meets once a month to explore and discover the French culture. It's a club where students can meet, practice their French, listen to French music, watch French movies and of course indulge in some French food! The French Club is open to students of any level; even students who do not take the language and want to learn more about French and Francophone countries. We hope to see you at French Club!
    Sponsor: Alli St. Pierre

    Freshman Class – open to all members of the freshman class.  Through the leadership of elected officers, students will plan and participate in fundraising activities to support their homecoming wall.
    Sponsor: Tamla Hughes

    High School Democrats
    Sponsor: Allie West

    History Club/Stamp Club - provides a first-hand experience to historical events and places not found in the regular classroom. The group has traveled to Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D. C. in the past. 
    Sponsor: Adrianne McKinney

    Ignite - is a group of primarily Christian youth who gather after school on Tuesdays to sing and give thanks for the blessings and challenges of the week, to pray for those in need, and to fellowship with each other.
    Sponsor: Matt Lawson

    International Club - 
    Sponsor: Isiris Reyes

    Jigsaw Club - For a relaxing morning, every morning, join the Jigsaw Club in the Library. We have several puzzles going at a time, get your brain working with us! Piece out!
    Sponsor: Bonnie Sousa

    Junior Class – open to all members of the junior class.  Through the leadership of elected officers, students will plan and participate in fundraising activities to support both their homecoming wall and their ring dance! 
    Sponsors: Brooke Gainey and Julia DiOrio

    Key Club - An International Service Organization committed to developing initiative and leadership, providing experience in living and working together, and serving the both the school and the community.

    Social Media:
    Twitter: @KeyClub
    Instagram: @tabbhskeyclub
    Sponsor: Dowler Wheat

    Lacrosse -
    Sponsor: Isiris Reyes

    Leadership Club
    Sponsor: Allie West

    Model U.N. - is an interactive, interdisciplinary simulation, which places students in the role of official United Nations delegates. Committees then debate current political, social, economic and legal issues. 
    Sponsor:  Brian McGovern and Adrianne McKinney

    Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society) - is a nationally recognized high school and junior college mathematics honor society. Students interested in joining should apply upon completion of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra 2.
    Sponsor: Stephanie Miller and Melanie White

    National Art Honor Society -
    Sponsor: Michele Williams

    National Honor Society - is a nationally sponsored group for students who have achieved a grade point average of at least 3.5 and have positive teacher recommendations.
    Sponsor: Chris Olivo

    Newspaper (Tiger Times)
    Sponsor: Elizabeth Milne

    Odyssey of the Mind - a program that fosters creative thinking and problem solving skills by having students solve problems in a variety of areas.
    Sponsor: Mr. Grube

    Organic Gardening Club – students work together to plant and harvest a variety of organic vegetables in the gardens behind THS.
    Sponsor: Rick Howell

    Puzzle Club -
    Sponsor Adrienne McKinney

    Quill and Scroll -
    Sponsor: Ms. Scott

    Rho Kappa (History Honor Society) –
    Sponsors: Linnea Terndrup and Erin Curry

    Student Council Association (SCA) - consists of an executive board elected annually by the student body. Goals include promoting school pride and participation in school activities.  
    Sponsor: Linnea Terndrup

    Scholastic Bowl - is one of VHSL’s most successful programs. It is an academic competition between schools, ending in a State VHSL championship. Four person teams compete on a wide range of academic subjects.
    Sponsors: Roxanne O’Regan and Lynn Shematek

    Science National Honor Society:
    Sponsor: Teresa Hux and Jamie Carpenter

    Senior Class - open to all members of the senior class.  Through the leadership of elected officers, students will plan and participate in fundraising activities to support all senior activities to include prom and the end of year luncheon! 
    Sponsors: Lindsay Olson and Allie West

    Sight & Sound - is a service/profit organization where students learn how to work the lighting and sound systems at THS. $$ can be earned when working for non-school groups using our building.
    Sponsor: Ben Lawson

    Signed Voices - open to all students who want to learn American Sign Language or brush up on any American Sign Language they have already learned.  
    Sponsor: Jenna Newmarker

    Sophomore Class – through the leadership of elected class officers, students will plan and participate in fundraising sctivities to support their class and their homecoming wall.
    Sponsor: Teresa Hux

    Spanish Conversation Club -
    Sponsor: Isiris Reyes

    Spanish Honor Society - is for students of Spanish in grade level 10 or above who have completed at least 3 semesters of Spanish study. The society promotes a greater understanding of Hispanic culture through a variety of activities.
    Sponsor: Marisol Morales

    Stronger Than Silence -
    Sponsor: Allie West

    Tabb Student Ambassadors - provides and promotes a positive view of Tabb High School by encouraging involvement and orienting students.  Its major event each year is the Club Fair held in late September. Members serve as tour guides for new
    students and parents.
    Sponsor: Lynn Kenneally           

    Thespians - is an International Honor Society for drama students. Students are invited to join when enough points are accumulated through participation in school productions.
    Sponsor: Elizabeth Milne

    Tigers Crushing Cancer - members work together to raise money for cancer awareness and for cancer research in hopes of a cure.  Members also participate in the “Relay for Life” event held each spring. 
    Sponsor: Rainah Gillis

    Tiger Friends - is a student tutoring group that serves Tabb Elementary School. Application process required.
    Sponsor: Eyvette Jones

    Tiger TV – students work together to create simple videos that promote school spirit and also are very informative.  These videor are shared in 2AB classes with the student body.
    Sponsor: Elizabeth Milne

    Tri – M - Musical honor society whose members play throughout the community at various events. 
    Sponsor:  Ben Lawson

    Technology Student Association (TSA) - is a national organization for technology education students. The mission is to promote leadership and personal growth in technology.
    Sponsor: Bob Brownschidle

    Unified Tigers –  is a club aimed at promoting social inclusion through activities such as, inclusive sports, inclusive youth leadership opportunities, and whole school engagement.  The club is designed to be woven into the fabric of the school, enhancing current efforts and providing rich opportunities that lead to meaningful change in creating a socially inclusive school that supports and engages all learners. Unified Tigers supports a school climate where students with disabilities feel welcome and are routinely included in, and feel a part of, all activities, opportunities and functions.
    Sponsor:  Michelle Nivison and Michelle Koontz

    Virginia Math League - sponsors 6 contests a year, consisting of 6 Questions each, with a 30 minute time limit. Contests begin at 2:15, dates posted in math classrooms.  
    Sponsor: Cena Kirsch

    Weightlifting Club -
    Sponsor: Jayson Basanes

    Wii Challenge -
    Sponsor: Julia DiOrio

    Y – Street – is the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth’s award-winning teen advocacy initiative promoting a healthier Virginia. As members of Y Street, students are trained as advocates and plan projects and events aimed at making it easier for their peers to lead healthy, tobacco-free lives.  Since 2001, Y Street members have worked to make Virginia youth healthier by impacting tobacco and nutrition policy at the school, division and state levels. Students gain valuable leadership experience through the program and earn volunteer hours for all their activities. Y Street members also accrue points that can be traded in for prizes, including scholarships and laptops for college.
    This year’s campaigns are:
    Share the Air – effort to remove tobacco (second hand smoke) from free space in the community
    Rev Your Bev – effort to make water more accessible and available
    Sponsors:  Christina Majka and Lynn Pitchford

    Yearbook - is a class-based journalistic endeavor available by application to rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. Published yearly in June, it offers editorial, photographic, writing, research, and computer-design & layout opportunities to organized and dedicated young men and women.
    Sponsor: Leighton Scott

    Young Democrats -
    Sponsor: Allie West