• Meet Our Team


    The Tabb High School Counseling Department provides services for students which facilitate the academic achievement, social-emotional development, and post-secondary exploration of all students.
    Our department consists of the following staff:

    Kristie Shepard (757) 867-5311
    School Counselor
    Last Names: A - D
    Email: kshepard@ycsd.york.va.us  

    Eyvette Jones (757) 867-5313
    School Counselor
    Last Names: E - K
    Email: ejones@ycsd.york.va.us    

    Tatiana Council (757) 867-5308
    School Counseling Director
    Last Names: L - Ri
    Email: tcouncil@ycsd.york.va.us

    Keyana Mason (757) 867-5312
    School Counselor
    Last Names: Ro - Z
    Email: kmason2@ycsd.york.va.us  

    Email: TBD
    Fax# (877)829-0311

    Alumni Transcript Requests

    I am a K12 School seeking the transfer of student records of a YCSD student.

    If you have any registration-related questions or needs, please contact Julie Hill at jhill@ycsd.york.va.us.