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    Mrs. Monica Chandler, Library Media Specialist

    Welcome to the TES Library, home of the Tabb Tigers. Our goal is for students to become lifelong readers and users of the library. In our fast-paced technological world, it is important for children to find ways to relax and enjoy some leisure reading of their choice. Students may check out a variety of fiction and nonfiction books and materials.

    In our library classes, we read stories, learn about literary genres, use print and online resources to complete research, and of course, check out books. Primary students check out one or two books each week. Upper elementary students check out two and three books. We believe that students who learn to make full use of library and information services at the elementary level will be able to use this knowledge throughout their middle and high school careers and beyond.


    Read a few minutes with your child each night.

    Find a special place for reading at your home.

    Model by reading books, magazines, etc. at home so your child can see you value the joy of reading.

    Provide a variety of selections for your child to enjoy.