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    Meet Your School Counselor

    Mrs. Downs

    Hello!  My name is Mrs. Downs, and I love working with the wonderful students and families at Seaford Elementary School.  I received my Master's in School Counseling at Old Dominion University in 2009 and have 12 years of experience as a School Counselor. I strive to support students' academic, social and emotional needs. Please feel free to contact me at sdowns@ycsd.york.va.us.

    Services Offered:

    • Individual Counseling:  Students can be referred by self, parents or teachers
    • Small Group Counseling: Social Skills, Deployment, Family Changes, Anxiety/Worries, Etc.
    • Classroom Lessons: Feelings, Bullying Prevention, Diversity, Career Exploration, Mindfulness, Goal Setting
    • Consultation:  with teachers or parents
    • Peer Mediation
    • Gifted Contact
    • Family Life Education Lessons

    The counselor helps parents to ...

    * promote positive home/school relationships
    *understand the school program
    * recognize the stages of child growth and development
    * understand their child's progress in school
    * accept students' abilities and limitations
    * identify learning problems, concerns and possible solutions
    * obtain information about results of tests
    * plan for referrals to outside agencies/outside professional help

    The counselor helps teachers and other school personnel to ...

    * provide a positive learning environment
    * understand and meet students' individual needs
    * determine/coordinate if special student assistance is needed
    * plan and present classroom lessons as an integral part of the school system curriculum
    * share ideas at workshops/in-service programs

    The counselor helps students to ...

    * achieve more in school
    * understand the programs, staff, services and activities in the school
    * understand their abilities, interests and limitations
    * apply problem solving decision making skills to resolve problems that get in the way of learning
    * learn and apply effective study habits
    * understand and accept themselves
    * become more independent and responsible for their behavior
    * improve skills for interacting and communicating with others
    * adjust to a new school
    * recognize the relationship of education to the world or work

    Ask a Counselor .....

    When you need to discuss:

    * attitudes toward school
    * academic growth
    * personal and emotional development
    * relationships with teachers
    * relationships with other students
    * relationships with siblings
    * changes in family circumstances
    * available community resources