• Attendance


    Welcome to the Attendance Office!

    I am happy to help you with absence notes, tardy notes, information on attendance, and new student concerns.

    Contact Information

    Jessica Bowyer
    Phone: 220-4078
    E-mail: qlmattendance@ycsd.york.va.us 

    Attendance Procedure

    We love to have you at school, but if for some reason you can't make it, please follow the procedures below.

    Unexpected Absences Prearranged Absences
    As soon as you realize you're too sick to come to school, have your parents call the attendence office.
    This lets us notify your teachers, but the absence isn't excused until your parents e-mail the office or send a hand written note.
    At least 1 week before the absence, get a Prearranged Absence Notification form from the office.
    Return the completed notification form to the office with a note from your parents indicating the dates and reason for the absence before the absence occurs.
    Tardies Early Dismissal
    If you're late, go to the main office and sign in at the computer in the waiting area. If you have a note from home, give the note to the secretary, who will sign your slip if the absence is excused. If you need to leave early, bring a note from your parents to the attendance office before school starts in the morning.
    Mrs. Turner will give you an early dismissal slip to show your teacher when you need to leave.

    Quick Facts

    • Absence notes are due within a week of any unexpected absence.
    • If you don't bring in a note or e-mail from your parent, your absence isn't excused.
    • Seniors with no unexcused absences or unexcused tardies on their record could be exempt from final exams.
    • If your absence or tardy is unexcused, your teacher doesn't have to let you make up the work you missed.

    Attendance Policy

    Students will attend school on a regular and punctual basis. Absences and tardies will be handled by the principal in accordance with the Student Handbook and Student Conduct Code.

    No student will be permitted to leave school prior to dismissal at the request of or in the company of anyone other than a duly authorized school employee, a police officer, a court official, or the parent or guardian who has custody of the child unless written permission is first received from the parent or guardian of the student.

    In accordance with Virginia state law, students must be regular and punctual in attendance. Fifteen days of consecutive absence will result in the withdrawal of the student from the attendance roll, in accordance with state requirements.

    Legitimate reasons for absence are:

    • Illness
    • Death in immediate family
    • Doctor or Dental appointment (not possible to be scheduled on non-school time)
    • Exceptional circumstances as determined by the building principal