• Grading Scale

    Reference: School Board Policy 9.9

    Interim reports are issued to students at the mid-point of each grading period in grades 3-5.

    Elementary School

    The school year is divided into four reporting periods. At the end of the first quarter, parents will be invited to come to school for a conference with the student’s teacher to discuss his/her progress. In addition, written evaluations will be sent home at the end of each quarter. Should a conference be requested at any other time during the year, parents should contact the teacher or telephone the office or an appointment that will be mutually convenient to both parent and teacher. The grading scale for elementary students is as follows:

    Grades K-2 Standards Based Grading Scale

    P = Proficient (Regularly grasps and applies key concepts,skills and processes with limited errors)

    DP = Developing Proficiency (Beginning to grasp key concepts, processes and skills)

    N = Novice (Not making expected progress toward proficiency)

    Grades 3-5

    A (90-100) = Excellent

    B (80-89) = Good

    C (70-79) = Average

    D (64-69) = Poor

    F (0-63) = Failing