Grafton Bethel Elementary Clubs

  • Art Guild

    Art Guild is the advanced art club for 4th and 5th grade artists at GBE.  Acceptance is skill-based and determined by a portfolio of work submitted at the start of each year, as only a limited number of spots are available. Students in the Art Guild create artworks with a larger scale, more advanced techniques or materials, and/or a greater level of independence than in the regular Encore art classes during the school day.  Art Guild students also have their own personal space to display their year’s worth of art at the GBES Student Showcase in June. Art Guild meets once a week on Wednesday mornings from 8:00 – 8:40 from October until Spring Break.

    Club Sponsor: Mr. Gulley

  • Battle of the Books

    The Battle of the Books is a game show type competition sponsored by the public library for 4th and 5th grade students.  Students are required to read 12 books for the program. The Battle of the Books exposes students to quality literature, fosters school spirit and finally, is a lot of fun. During the meetings we discuss the books and practice answering trivia questions about them.

    Club Sponsor: Mr. Flanagen

  • Deployment Club

    Deployment club was formed by school counselors to build a supportive community among students who are dealing with deployment. The club focuses on creating a safe space to discuss feelings related to deployment and the unique personal experiences of being a military child.  The club is open to students who previously had a deployed parent/guardian, currently have a deployed parent/guardian, or will have a deployed parent/guardian in the near future.  We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the GBES library and the club is open to all grade levels.

    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Vlattas-Wickre


    Engineering Club

    Engineering Club meets once a month for students in grades 3 - 5.  Students take on different engineering challenges by learning about types of engineers, introduction to coding, how to design and redesign and solving problems around us. We explore using technology and hands on approaches to investigate these skills!

    Club Sponsors: Mrs. Bauer, Ms. DeWitt, Mrs. Kramer, Mrs. Pratt

  • Festival Chorus

    Festival Chorus is an annual division wide Choral Music Festival designed to showcase the musical talents of our elementary students.  It is made up of select 5th grade students from all 10 York County School Division elementary schools.  Rehearsals for individuals participating from Grafton Bethel Elementary are weekly,  January through March.  Additionally, participants will have 2 full Festival Chorus rehearsals at York High School on March 25th and 26th during the school day.  This years Festival Chorus performance will take place on March 26th at 7:00 PM at York High School. 

    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Ground

  • Girls Running Club

    The GBE Girls Running Club is a club for third, fourth, and fifth grade girls at Grafton Bethel. It consists of an eight week after-school program in which girls will participate in activities, discussion and physical activity to promote teamwork, making new friends, confidence, fitness and healthy habits.  There is a fall and spring season. Over the eight weeks, the girls build endurance to participate in a 5K race at the end of the season.  This non-competitive event is a very exciting way for them to realize they can reach their goals and cross that finish line!

    Club Sponsors: Mrs. Forrest

  • Grizzly Chorus

    Grizzly Chorus is a singing club open to all 4th and 5th graders who would like to join.  Reheresals are weekly. We have two major performances each year: one around the winter holidays and a Pops concert in the spring.  We have an excellent time making music together. 

    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Ground

  •  Great Computer Club

    The 2nd Grade Computer Club provides a fun atmosphere to discuss and learn to use of computers and applications.

    During the club students are learning Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, and Visual Programming. Club Members are also learning how to thinking critically and creatively while working on their technology skills.  As part of our club students are taught how to communicate and collaborate with others which is a lifelong skill that is used daily. Students work hard to demonstrate not only computer knowledge, but how to be a good citizen. At the end of the club session students are able to try out for a positon on the GBE’s Great Computer Challenge Team that competes at Old Dominion University each year in May.

    Club Sponsors: Mrs. Clore, Mrs. Lawson, Mrs. True and Mrs. Wardenski

  • Guitar Club

    The Guitar Club is a small group of 5th graders who own guitars and are learning to play them, starting from the ground up - no experience necessary.  From how to find notes on the fretboard and read guitar tabs, to chord fingerings and positions, we cover the basics with the goal that by the end of the year (even if they can’t play fluently), students will at least have an understanding of how the instrument works and how to play basic melodies and chords.  Ultimately, independent practice will determine students’ skill on the instrument, but the Guitar Club exists to get them started with the basics. This club meets roughly two weeks on Thursday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:30.

    Club Sponsor: Mr. Gulley

  • Just Say Go Club

    GBES Just Say Go Club is a club for students who enjoy challenging games that involve teamwork.  Participants actively have fun through different activities involving physical movement.  Students bring a positive attitude with good sportsmanship and have a blast!  Just Say Go Club meets the last Wednesday of the month after school until 5pm.

    Club Sponsor:

  • Lego Club

    Lego Club meets once a month for students in grades 4 and 5.  Students learn how to build and program a Lego robot that interacts Lego models.  Students also research a real world problem and try to come up with a solution to make our world a better place.

    Sponsors: Mrs. Bauer and Mrs. Giaccio

  • Student Council Association 

    A group of responsible, respectful, kind and safe students, working together to make Grafton Bethel and the surrounding community a more enjoyable place to learn and grow! We meet every other Wednesday at 8 am. We do fundraisers for school supplies, beautification, and safety, as well as work together to create videos and programs to help Grafton Bethel!

    Club Sponsors: Ms. Wickre and Ms. Woolard


    Yearbook Club

    The yearbook club is comprised of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students who work together once a month to create advertisements, school announcements, and make yearbook layout decisions. The best part is that this club gets to take yesterday’s school memories and turn them into tomorrow’s memories that last a lifetime.

    Club Sponsors: Ms. Byers, Mrs. Chaplin, and Mrs. McMillion

  • Yoga Club

    Yoga club is sponsored by school counselors with the goal of increasing student mindfulness and attention.  Yoga club meets weekly before school.  Each group is led by a certified yoga teacher who volunteers her time. Students learn and practice yoga exercises to help with strengthening their body and building mental focus and energy. 

    Club Sponsor: Mrs. Vlattas-Wickre and Ms. Vidakis