• Attendance

    • Attendance Secretary: Rebecca Katzer 
      Email: YHS Attendance
      Phone: 898-0406

      To comply with Virginia State Law (§ 22.1-254), students are expected to attend school every day and be on time unless there is illness or death in the immediate family. Doctor, dental, or personal appointments should be made on days off, half days, or after school hours when possible. Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing the school with a note (within 24 hours) indicating the reason(s) for the absence. Legitimate reasons for absences are: illness, death in immediate family, doctor or dental appointment (not possible to be scheduled on non-school time), and exceptional circumstances as determined by the building principal. For any other reason, the absence is unexcused. The full YCSD attendance policy is available on the division website.

      To comply with Virginia State Law (§ 22.1-258), the school will attempt to telephone a student's home to verify absences.

      York High School would like to stress that parents need to send in the absence notes within 24 hours of the students absence. Also it is VERY IMPORTANT that their children come to school on time and sign out before they leave. To help facilitate communication I will also accept e-mails: rkatzer@ycsd.york.va.us