YCSD Virtual Academy

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    The school division recognizes that some staff members and students are especially susceptible to COVID-19 and would be at risk within the Flexible Framework. Therefore, the division is also offering families a 100% online Virtual Academy option for students in grades PreK-12.

    Students that have selected the Virtual Academy will receive instruction from YCSD teachers and will learn alongside their peers in Canvas and Microsoft Teams. When the division transitions to the hybrid or traditional model of instruction within the flexible framework, Virtual Academy students will remain in the remote model and continue to learn through Canvas.

    Families electing the Virtual Academy option are asked to make a commitment for the entire first semester. At that time, they may reassess and make a decision to remain in Virtual Academy or elect to move into the flexible framework for second semester. Students will be enrolled concurrently in both their home school and the Virtual Academy and will be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities. Students enrolled in the Virtual Academy may be required to report to their zoned school for mandated standardized testing.

    Elementary Virtual Academy

    As Virtual Academy enrollment is higher for elementary students, the division is creating separate grade level classes within the Virtual Academy. Students and teachers will remain connected to their zoned schools to the extent possible – however, as enrollment numbers vary by school and grade, some classes may be combined to include students from more than one school.

    Elementary Virtual Academy classes will follow the Remote Learning Model schedule when the school year begins. When the division moves to another model with the Flexible Framework, elementary Virtual Academy classes will continue to follow the daily Remote Learning schedules. Elementary families will be able to move between the Virtual Academy and the Flexible Framework after the first semester. As a reminder, this will likely result in a change in classroom teacher.

    Middle and High School Virtual Academy

    The division has been able to develop a plan that not only ensures students maintain their connection to their zoned schools, teachers, and peers, it allows the division to offer middle school and high school Virtual Academy students all the courses originally selected for the 2020-21 school year.

    Secondary Virtual Academy students will take those selected classes with teachers and students enrolled in the Flexible Framework and will follow the Remote Model bell schedule when the school year begins. When the division moves to another Flexible Framework model, Virtual Academy students will continue to be supported virtually by the same teachers, in the same classes, following the daily schedule for that model of learning. As such, secondary students would be able to move between the Flexible Framework and the Virtual Academy, if needed.

    Details regarding how secondary Virtual Academy students will participate in and interact with their classes when in-person instruction resumes will be provided prior to the division moving to another model of the Flexible Framework.

    Schools will provide classroom teacher assignments and schedules as part of their Back to School communications.