Reopening Metrics

  • As schools and office are closed for Thanksgiving Break, this data will not be updated between Wednesday, November 25 and Monday, November 30.

    The York County School Division will make decisions on the level of in-person instruction based on the status of two main metrics. The first is the level of community transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and the second is the ability to deliver in-person instruction with operational integrity.

    The links on the left side provide details regarding the two charts provided below. These charts will be updated weekly beginning the week of August 31. While the charts are updated weekly based on Virginia Department of Health data, the health department evaluates a minimum of two weeks data before determining if there is a reliable trend. The division and the health department track not only York County transmission rates, but also those in the larger peninsula area and the eastern region, as more than 50% of division staff live in those areas.

    While decreasing case trends will help support a move towards in-person instruction, the charts should not be interpreted to indicate that a two-week trend would immediately prompt a change in instructional status. Each level of transmission (lowest, lower, moderate, higher, and highest) represent a range of transmission rates.

    Transmission Rate Key Code:

    • Decreasing = Green Arrow
    • Fluctuating = Yellow Arrows
    • Increasing = Red Arrow

Health Metrics Dashboard

  • Data as of November 19, 2020

    The chart below indicates a two-week trend mark provided by the Peninsula Health District, and therefore will not necessarily align to the daily updates on the VDH school metrics website.

    Click on the blinking hotspots below to learn more information (for best results, use a browser other than Internet Explorer).

Operational Integrity Dashboard

  • Data as of November 19, 2020

    Employee Group Total Staffing In-Person Work
    No Accommodations
    In-Person Work
    Accommodations Needed
    Remote Work Only Approved
    Employee Leave
    Percent w/o
    Elementary Instructional* 564 537 6 15 6 95%
    Middle School Instructional 233 205 6 17 5 88%
    High School Instructional 317 245 7 60 5 77%
    Operations & Support 894 833 10 34 17 93%

    *includes 60 virtual academy teachers

    Programs Impacted

    Elementary Instructional

    • reading intervention, core classes, special education, enrichment programs, library media

    Middle School Instructional

    • reading intervention, core classes, special education, encore classes, MsAM

    High School Instructional

    • core classes, special education programs, elective classes, SOA, band

    Operations & Support

    • transportation, custodial sevices, school counseling, IT, SBO, OT/PT, instructional support