Important Announcements

Whole School Improvement Grants

  • Purpose

    Whole School Improvement Grants are designed to provide funds to assist initiatives that are designed to reshape, enhance or improve education for all students at the school site.

    Persons Eligible to Apply for Grants

    The grants are awarded on a competitive basis and any YCSD teacher, group, para-professional, administrator, or employee may apply.

    Eligible Proposals

    All eligible proposals must ensure the following:

    • No school name, acronym or teacher names on the application.
    • submitted only one (1) copy of the Checklist & Certification page and the Cover page.
    • submitted nine (9) copies of the application (Pages 4 & 5 only).
    • provided an itemized budget that includes the vendor and prices.
    • Does not ask the foundation to fund the following: food, clubs, bus transportation, salaries for speakers or substitute teachers, alternative seating or clothing items.

    Award of Funds

    Grants will be awarded up to $1,900 each, during the fall, on a competitive basis. The number of awards will depend on funds available from The York Foundation for Public Education, Inc.

QLMS Whole School Grant Winners 2019-2020
BMES Whole School Grant Winner