• Fall Innovative Grant applications are now available.  The deadline is October 7, 2022.  We will start accepting applications on September 9, 2022.  CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION 


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Information about our Innovative Grants

  • Purpose

    Fall Innovative Instructional Grants are a means for providing small grants to teachers and other school level professional staff members to encourage innovative, creative approaches that enhance student learning in classroom instruction.

    Persons Eligible to Apply for Grants

    The grants are awarded on a competitive basis and any YCSD teacher or group may apply.

    Eligible Proposals

    All eligible proposals must ensure the following:

    • No school name, acronym or teacher names on the application.
    • submitted only one (1) copy of the Checklist & Certification page and the Cover page.
    • submitted five (5) copies of the application (Pages 5 & 6 only).
    • provided an itemized budget that includes the vendor and prices.
    • Does not ask the foundation to fund the following: food, clubs, bus transportation, salaries for speakers or substitute teachers, alternative seating or clothing items.

    Award of Funds

    Teachers may apply for up to $1,000. The number of awards will depend on funds available from The York Foundation for Public Education, Inc.

This check could be yours!

Fall Innovative Grant

  • We gave out over $10,700 in grant money!!

    Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Fall Innovative Grant Winners

    Ashley Gailey from York High School for "Alert: Accessible Life-Saving Emergency Response Training for High School Anatomy Students"

    Jessi Buffking from Bethel Manor Elementary School for "Phonics Decodable Readers to Close the Reading Gap"

    Robin Jordan from Bethel Manor Elementary School for "Deepening Comprehension of Nonfiction Texts in Elementary Classrooms"

    Courtney Judson from Tabb Elementary School for "Voice For All" and "Inclusive Playground"

    Stephanie Miller and Melanie White from Tabb High School for "It's Official-Robotics Official Play Field"

    Gail Jenkins from Mt. Vernon Elementary School for "Inclusive Playground"

    Erin Watson and Paige Jacobs from Tabb Middle School for "Make It, Learn It, Take It, Share It!"

    Chelsei Fox from Tabb Middle School for "Makey Makey Beyond the Ordinary: Reimagining the Traditional with the Innovative" and "Check-Out Robotics: Extending our Reach"

    Sarah Healy from Seaford Elementary School for "Cultural Arts Drum Initiative"

    Lindsey Cagle and Melanie Cline from Yorktown Elementary School for "Reading Without Frustration: Creating Confident Readers with Decodable Books"

    Kirsten McLeod, Karen Reilly and Sally Davis from Yorktown Elementary School for "Using Children's Literature to Make Math More Meaningful"


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