Grant Opportunities


  • The York Foundation offers the following grant opportunities:

    Fall Innovative Instructional Grants 

    Whole School Improvement Grants 

    Spring Innovative Instructional Grants 

    Kathy Young Memorial Grant 

    Principals Professional Development Grant 

    The Student Resource Development Grant 

Featured Grant Winner Projects

  • Congratulations to the following Spring innovative Grant Winners!

    Lori Donatelli from Grafton Middle School for, "Coding Kits with Ozobot Make Robotics a Winning Shot"

    Renee Koob, Amanda Krems Terri Lensenmayer, Kate Nabors, Kelly Parsons, and Termaine Hopkins from Waller Mill Elementary School for, "Art for the Arts' Sake"

    Sarah Day from Seaford Elementary School for "The Young Mozart Keyboard Initiative"

    Angela Reeves, Stephanie Remington, Kirsten High, Lindsey Woodruff, Sarah Wooley, Courtney Brightbill, and Elisa Arnold from Bethel Manor Elementary School for, "Bridgin the Reading & Writing Gap with Rime Magic!"

    Stephanie Bean and Lori Donatelli from Grafton Middle School for, "Get on Board the Podcasting Boat"

    Heather Burnett from Seaford Elementary School for, "Engineering with the Three Little Pigs and Friends - Using Fairytales and Tall Tales to Create Stem Stations in the Library"

    Chelsei Fox from Tabb Middle School for, "Check Out Robotics: Coding a Robot from Home"