Special Education Services

  • Students with disabilities will receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) under each model of the Flexible Framework (option 1) and in the YCSD Virtual Academy (option 2). Some services may look differently in the YCSD Virtual Academy option since instruction is delivered in an exclusively remote learning environment. For example, occupational and physical therapy, typically very hands-on services, may not be functionally available or may look very different in a virtual environment.

    In both options 1 and 2, all parents will be contacted by their child’s special education teacher before the beginning of the school year. IEP teams for all eligible students will meet, as needed, to review IEPs. During this review, IEP teams will determine which special education and related services will be provided in school and which services will be provided in a remote learning environment. IEPs will be developed to meet each student's unique needs and individual circumstances.

    The department of Student Services has developed multiple methods to support families and answer questions prior to the start of the school year:

    Special Education Video Presentation - This video provides information on Special Education services and how they will be provided within the Flexible Framework and the YCSD Virtual Academy

    Frequently Asked Questions