Health & Safety

  • As YCSD implements plans to resume in-person learning at schools, new and enhanced procedures will be in place to ensure the safety and wellness of students and staff.

    thermometer Health Screenings​

    Staff and students are asked to complete a Daily Health Screening before coming to school or work, including checking their temperature. Temperature checks at school will occur when staff or students are symptomatic or suspected. A confidential notebook system will be used by the school nurse to record staff temperatures. Student temperatures will be documented per normal procedures in Aspen. Checks will be performed at the same designated checking spot (primarily clinic). Suspected students will be checked at clinic thresholds.

    Teachers will provide hourly visual checks in class. Any students appearing unwell will be sent to the nurse’s clinic for further evaluation.

    mask Face Coverings​

    There is guidance that suggests that masks can be one of the most important mitigating strategies that persons can follow. Face coverings will be worn by students and staff in accordance with the division's Face Covering Guide or unless medically exempt.

    While parents will be asked to supply cloth face masks for their children, the division will supply all staff members with one face shield and cloth mask. Instructional staff will also be supplied a clear mask as an option for teacher and para-educator use. In addition, 13,000 disposable face masks are on order for student and staff backup and an inventory will be maintained. Over 1,000 N95 masks have been ordered for the use of our staff in regular close proximity to students, especially in certain special education environments and for certain students as identified needs arise.

    Signage will be posted reminding scheduled visitors to wear masks. Written procedures and signage for wearing masks will be posted for employees and visitors to schools.

    hand washing Personal Hygiene​

    Hand sanitizing or handwashing will be encouraged upon entering school, before and after lunch, before and after PE/recess, and prior to going home. When traditional soap and water is not available, hand sanitizer may be used until handwashing can occur. Division approved and provided signage with pictures will be posted encouraging proper hand washing and good general hygiene practice. Hand hygiene supplies will be readily available in buildings. Hand sanitizing foam will be available in each classroom, common areas and exterior entrances.

    water fountain Shared School Equipment

    Only shared equipment that can be disinfected between uses will be used (desks, chairs, etc.). Visual boundaries for sitting areas other than desks/tables, ex. carpet squares for primary students, etc. will be used. Staff will use hand sanitizer and/or gloves for small group work using manipulatives with guidelines for use to be established.

    No personal fans may be used (consideration of changing IT settings with HVAC by two degrees will occur).

    Water fountains may not be used. Water bottle filling stations may be used with adult supervision or consideration of the use of disposable water bottles (if no other option) will occur.

    Disinfecting of keyboards in common areas, such as media centers, computer labs, cafeterias and Ident-a-Kid will occur multiple times per day.

    Library books can be checked out if re-issued after a 24-hour waiting period. Reading group materials and textbooks should be rotated after 24 hours.

    Sanitize computer headphones using disinfectant wipes between uses.

    Assigned classroom restroom usage plans will be established (one at a time, staff monitored). Use of masks in common spaces will be required.

    Plans for proper communal spaces and playground use will be put in place around the following guidelines:

    • Use of large area spaces for additional classroom space is suggested (ex. cafeteria, computer labs, media centers, etc.) including using large spaces for science lab lectures if necessary (i.e. auditorium, kiva, cafeteria, etc.).
    • Hallways will have one-way directional movement guided by signage on floor and walls.
    • Playgrounds will be scheduled for recess by the school site following a scheduled plan/rotation to reduce interactions between student cohorts. All playground and shared recess equipment will be disinfected with a microbiostatic agent that has residual protection for 90-120 days which will be reapplied every 90 days.
    • Fields and blacktops may be utilized for walking.