Virginia Phases for Education Key Guidelines

  • Phase 1:

    • Remote learning remains dominant model 
    • Limited face-to-face special education services, as needed, is allowed 
    • Childcare programs for working families may operate  
    • No athletics or extracurricular activities are permitted 
    • Meals programs may be provided


    Phase 2: 

    • Remote learning remains for most students 
    • Limited face-to-face learning for English language learners, those receiving special education services, those with special learning needs, and our youngest students (preK-grade 3)  
    • Childcare programs for working families may operate  
    • Extracurricular activities (such as clubs) may be offered if physical distancing strategies can be implemented 
    • Athletics should be limited to individual or team-based practice, skill-building drills or conditioning activities that allow maintenance of physical distancing at all times 
    • Schools should follow operational guidance from the CDC; including physical distancing in buildings and on buses, and facial covering strategies


    Phase 3:

    • In-person instruction may be offered for all students, however physical distancing measures should be implemented 
    • Remote learning exceptions and teleworking should be options for students and staff who are at a higher risk of severe illness (as defined by the CDC) 
    • Mitigation strategies may impact operations and capacity limits -a multi-faceted instructional approach may need to be planned for this phase 
      • Consider closing or staggering the use of communal spaces.  
      • Consider limiting the size of groups participating in outdoor activities/recess, with a priority on physical distancing and limiting mixing of classrooms.  
      • Large school gatherings are not encouraged and limited to 250 people 
    • School athletics, indoor and outdoor, may occur 
      • ten feet of physical distancing must be maintained by all instructors, participants, and spectators, with the exception of incidental contact or contact between members of the same household 
      • total number of attendees (participants and spectators combined) cannot exceed the lessor 50% of occupancy or 250 people 
    • Schools should follow operational guidance from the CDC, including physical distancing and facial covering strategies

    Beyond Phase 3: 

    School divisions will return to a “new-normal” for instructional and extracurricular operations in consultation with public health officials 

    Some restrictions may still be recommended at such a time 

    Additional guidance will be forthcoming as public health data, safety precautions, and guidance evolve