Elementary Schools

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    The Virginia Department of Education has identified four sample instructional models for remote learning to ensure students are equitably prepared for success in subsequent courses. YCSD realizes that elementary learners rely on the teacher for daily instruction and are not developmentally ready for robust self-guided or distance learning models of instruction.

    As such, YCSD has selected the option for elementary instruction that incorporates learning modules into the 2020-21 school year schedule. This means that a number of skills in each grade level will be included for re-teaching and review during the 2020-21 school year. Next school year, teachers will conduct pre-assessments in units of study. Student performance on these assessments will be used to provide targeted remediation through the year. Pre-assessments will not be graded schoolwork.

    To ensure students continue to engage in ongoing learning opportunities, we will provide families with Extended Learning Plans that review, refresh and reinforce the learning your student has already done in class. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to continue to learn and develop while preventing the regression of skills and knowledge gained during the 2019-20 school year. Teachers will work closely with families to individualize learning to support students with disabilities, English Language learners, and advanced learners. Every two week, these plans will be available here on this website, on each teacher’s Aspen page, and in print in bins located at each elementary school.

    We hope these activities help keep the connection between home and school. We are in this together and teachers will continue to work with students and families each week by phone, email and other methods. To view Learning Plans, please click on the appropriate grade level below to expand the screen and access the printable .pdf file. (Learning Plans do not need to be printed in order to be completed, you can simply refer to them daily via this website)

Extended Learning Plans