• TMS Transportation  

    UPDATES: 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

    Arrival and Dismissal


    Due to the large amounts of vehicle traffic before and after school, please do not leave a large gap between you and the vehicle in front of you. We need to get as many vehicles off from Yorktown Road as possible.

    AM drop off

    Students cannot get out of their vehicles in the parking lots, only when their car is in front of the school building.

    Make sure that your student(s) are ready to unload from your vehicle before you pull up to the front drop-off area. This will make traffic flow so much more efficiently

    PM dismissal

    No vehicle traffic, other than buses, may drive in the bus lot area from 2:30-3:00 pm on student school days.

    We will be permitting two cars in front of the crosswalk and two cars at the end of the line behind the crosswalk when dismissing, our goal is to add 10 or 11 cars for pick-up.


    • TMS Bus Route Information for 6th graders returning to TMS beginning on Monday, November 9th, 2020 under the YCSD hybrid model. 

      • Use e-link to find students route information. Additional bus information.
      • All bus riders must know their ROUTE number in order to find their bus at dismissal. Their ROUTE number in the afternoon may be different from the morning.
      • Please note that ALL students (including bus riders) have been assigned a carpool number. This number will be needed IF your student will be picked up instead of riding the bus home.

    The York County School Division has a software system to manage school bus transportation.

    The system is designed to improve bus routing efficiencies and bus tracking while a bus is on its assigned route.   Families can use the system to find regular bus routes, bus stops and bus stop times at:  http://yorkcountyschools.org/parents/transportation/default.aspx

    The arrival time is an automated estimate for all regular full school days; actual arrival times are determined by school departure time, travel distance, traffic, route design and student needs.

    Download the MYSTOP APP

    MyStop provides information about your child's bus while it is traveling the assigned route. The MyStop app includes notifications if a child's bus is running behind schedule.  Bus Routes and MyStop can be accessed through the school division and all school websites as well as the new YCSD app.


    NOTE: Runs are continually updated through the first month of school.


    For the safety of our students and staff, students who are brought to school by private means of transportation should only be dropped off in the front of the building between the two safety crosswalks.  Please refrain from parking and directing students to walk across the parking lot.  This practice is not only dangerous but it also hinders the flow of traffic as families follow our arrival and departure procedures. 

    The side parking lot (near the trailer) will be roped off just before dismissal.  Those who park in the lot prior to the closure will not be permitted to leave the parking lot until all cars in the parent pick up line have departed. 

    Those few families who are approved to use this lot due the needs of their student will be given a placard to place in their vehicle and will be permitted to load and unload in this lot.  We understand your time is very valuable and try our best to expedite our dismissal process, but the safety of our students, parents and staff is our top priority. 

    As an additional reminder, drivers are asked to refrain from using cell phones during student drop off and pick up.  We need drivers’ complete attention to follow the directions of staff and the crossing guard.  Thank you for helping us ensure a safe environment for our school community!


    School begins at 8:00am. The first bell rings at 7:50am and students are released from buses.  For parents who are transporting students, drop-offs should also be around this same time.  Staff supervision begins with the first bell.  If students are planning to purchase breakfast, they should report to the cafeteria at the first bell.  All students are expected to be in their classroom no later than 8:00 to not be marked tardy.  


    Activity Buses

    After school activity buses will begin on Tuesday, September 24th.  This year, activity buses will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Thursday buses will not be used for clubs but will be strictly used for remediation and opportunities for extra academic assistance with select teachers.  Students must make arrangements in advance with a teacher to stay after school and receive a bus pass from the teacher to ride the activity bus.  Activity buses will leave Tabb Middle at 4:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As a reminder, these bus routes are much longer and will require later drop-offs, particularly on Thursdays when we will have two buses making runs.  The routes will be posted throughout the building and on the website. 

    After School Activities

    Each Monday at the beginning of first block, students are shown a PowerPoint, which advertises upcoming clubs, activities and sports schedules.   The students will also receive a club pamphlet with a description of clubs and activities in their PE class.   Signed permission slips must be returned club sponsors on the first day the club meets.  Students who do not have a signed permission slip may not stay after school.  This information and permission slips are also available on the TMS website under Activities