Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Renee Baldwin

Drama Teacher

* Introduction to Drama

* Drama Productions

* Musical Stage Productions

* Public Speaking


Drama Director

* Murder Off the Field- October 30, 2018

* Dear Santa- December 6-7, 2018

* Alice in Wonderland Jr.- April 26- 27, 2019

  • How do I become a member of "Drama Club"?

    Drama Club has a rolling membership for each of the performances.  Performances are typically by audition, unless otherwise noteed, for example a mystery dinner. Audition dates will be announced at school through morning announcements and fliers typically two weeks prior. Additionally an interest meeting will be held for each presentation. Students will be informed of specific audition information, process, and expectations at the interest meeting. Additionally, a follow up of the meeting will be posted outside of room 104 for students who were unable to attend the interest meeting. All students who contribute to a production are considererd to be a part of Drama Club, even if you do not contribute to all performances. Actors and crew members are needed for each performance. 

    Drama Rehearsals

    Drama Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals are from 3-4pm and students are able to take the activity buses home. Wednesday rehearsals are from 3-5pm and will require studetns to have a ride home as activity buses do not run on Wednesdays. Rehearsal scedules are issued to actors and crew members the week before the new schedule begins. Schedules are also posted outside room 104, and available on the site calendar. 

    Junior National Thespian Society

    Students eligible for the Junior National Thespian Society will be "tapped" in May for the following year. Society members must accrue induction points. These points are accrued through class and afterschool performances, as well as backstage/ crew work. Graduates of the Junior Thesepian Society can carry-over up to half of the points necessary for incuction at the high school levell. 

    This Year's Season

    2018-2019- This year we will start with a murder mystery dinner called, "Murder Off the Field" on October 30th.  Can you figure out who did it?  No auditions are required to play a character. In December we will present "Dear Santa," a collection of many scenes and characters as we discover who does and does not believe in Santa, but agree that the season is truly magical (Dec. 6-7). Spring arrives and brings with it our musical, Alice in Wonderland Jr. on April 26 and 27.