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  • Waller Mill Elementary School – Fine Arts Magnet supports our Military Families!


    1. Military Families:

    Planning your Arrival to Waller Mill Elementary School – Fine Arts Magnet

    Please click on the registration link provided to start our registration process! You may call the main office at 757.220.4060 at any time, if you need assistance or have questions about registering your child! We look forward to meeting your family!

    Registration Link:


    2. Military Families:

    Preparing your Move from Waller Mill Elementary – Fine Arts Magnet

    Please inform our front office team of your upcoming move, in order to request records. The best way to reach our main office is calling 757.220.4060. We are here to support you!


    3. Academic Planning for Military Families


    5. Ways WMES Welcomes, Supports, and Celebrates our Military Families!

     Welcoming and Supporting Our New Military Families

    To welcome our families, the counseling department offers a Kindergarten breakfast for all parents/guardians to attend on our first day of school. This is a time for ALL new families to our school to meet and greet! Parent welcome letters are hand delivered to all new military students, and student photos are taken and displayed for all to see on our ‘welcome board’. Students receive a welcome certificate, and we invite all new families to come and connect at our Family Life preview sessions. All new military students meet for lunch groups with our School Counselor, and deployment groups are available as well. For students who may be having difficulty meeting new friends, friendship groups are available throughout the year, during lunch or resource time. Classroom counseling lessons help support the academic, career, and social/emotional development of our students, and are on-going throughout the school year.


    Celebrating our Military Families – WMES Military Picture Wall

    At Waller Mill Elementary School (WMES), we host a military recognition event, designed to demonstrate a military-friendly culture at our school. Each school year, our fourth grade celebrates our veterans and their families, as well as active service men and women serving in the United State Military. Students interview their heroes, and then display their writing on a bulletin board in the 4th grade hallway. Photos are also included in the display.

    In the fall of 2017, Sherrie Geyer, a 4th grade teacher at WMES, decided to take this annual project to the next level, by inviting ALL families, grades K-5, to turn in photos and special tributes of their loved ones who are currently serving or family members who have served in the United States Military. With much help and support, our school created a massive ‘Military Picture Wall’, and families were welcomed to come and read the tributes and see the wonderful photos of loved ones during our fall conference time. With an overwhelming amount of praise and positive feedback, the wall stayed up the entire year. Our wall will now be an annual event!



    Helpful Contact Information

    School-Based Military Student Point of Contact

    Name: Khrista Brownlee

    Position: Principal

    School: Waller Mill Elementary School – Fine Arts Magnet



    Central Office Point of Contact for School-Based Military Student Support Staff Member and for Military Families

    Name: Cheryl Parr

    Position: Assoc. Director of Student Services

    School: York County School Division



    School-Based Student Transition Team Coordinator

    Name: Jessica Phillips

    Position: School Counselor

    School: Waller Mill Elementary – Fine Arts Magnet



    Virginia School Liaison Officers

    Name: Katrina Patterson

    Installation: Naval Weapons Station Yorktown



    Twitter:      @WallerMillES



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