• Parent Partnership

    Students, parents, and York River Academy faculty attend one Parent Partnership each month in order to set family goals, view student presentations, participate in faculty activities and witness how their child is helping the community in which they live. Mr. Cross, the principal, always addresses the families with the latest current events that have developed on the campus. He presents the students with the certifications that they have passed, introduces family topics to discuss, and updates everyone on important dates that are quickly approaching on the calendar.

    On each Parent Partnership night, students have the option to present projects and lessons that they have been working to create in their classes. In the past, students have shown off their Podcasts, movies, Power Point presentations, science projects, math lessons, History knowledge, and have acted out literature plays in front of the Parent Partnership audience.

    Students also get a chance to explain how they help the community with various projects. Recently students updated their families on progress of Web sites for such organizations as the York County Chamber of Commerce and the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail. Students gave updates on fund raising activities of the Key Club. The National Honor Society also conducts their ceremonies at the Parent Partnership nights.