• Awards

    Over the past seven years, the students at York River Academy of Technology received 10 awards from the Great Computer Challenge held at Old Dominion University each spring. Students received 2 Honorable Mentions, 5 Third Place Awards, 2 Second Place Awards, and one First Place Award. Also students received a National Award for Honorable Mention from NASPRA for the Podcasts produced at York River Academy of Technology.
    For the year of 2009, the Pathfinder Technology Award for the York County School Division is awarded to York River Academy of Technology. The students were awarded the prestigious award for all of the contributions and innovative technology lessons and products that students created during the 2008 - 09 school year.
    Now in our new building we can show off our NASPRA award for flash video along with another Great Computer Challange first place award for 2010 in Web Design. Also students won third place at the GCC and first ever Grace Little Technology Enthusiasm award.