• Why Read Aloud?

    Why Read Aloud?

    *Children who have been read aloud to, learn to predict what will come next, through the strong rhythm and repetition that are common to picture books.

    *Children’s brains do not develop without stimulation of the five senses.  Reading aloud stimulates the senses of hearing, seeing, smelling and touching!   Reading aloud is one of the most efficient, happy and holistic ways of developing the brain.

    *Researchers around the world have found that reading aloud to children daily is the single most effective way for parents to form close attachments to their children.

    *Children who are read aloud to develop vocabulary and language due to the exposure to various words.

    *Reading aloud builds background knowledge through the various topics seen in books.

    *Reading aloud to children promotes reading by providing a good role model through reading.