• Special Reading Places

    Special Places Makes Books Special

                             Here are some tips for creating a “bookshelf library”:

    1-   Select a special location in your home for your child’s bookshelf.  It helps to create this place when the child is younger.

    2-  Make the bookshelf attractive.  A special name or your child’s name placed on it makes it more special.  Decorate it with colors, pictures or shapes.  Be creative!

    3-  Start putting books on the shelf while your child is very young.  Pull them from the shelf, read them to your child and then put them back on the shelf.  This reminds your child that books have a special place and that these belong to him/her.

    4-  As your child grows, go shopping for a new book and bring it home.  Allow your child to put the book on the shelf.  This reinforces the idea of the special place for their books.

    5-   Too many books on the shelf may be overwhelming.  Be sure to select books to match your child’s interests.

    6-  Restock the shelf with age-appropriate books as your child grows older.  Have your child help in choosing books for the shelf.

    This type of involvement should enhance your child’s love for books and hopefully lead to a love of reading!