• Read Aloud Rules

                          Spotlight on Reading

    Read Aloud Rules of Thumb

    1-    Choose books with children’s interest in mind.  Reading materials that reflect your curiosities may not reflect your child’s.

    2-    Choose “just right” materials. Ideally the reading material should match as close as possible to the listening comprehension level of your child.  This means two to three grade levels above their own reading level.

    3-    Watch the time.  Twenty minutes of reading aloud per day is sufficient.

    4-    Introduce children to a variety of texts that we as, as adult readers, enjoy.  Newspapers, comic strips, greeting cards, riddles, bumper stickers, song lyrics, encyclopedia entries, magazine articles, and so forth are great materials for reading aloud.

    5-    At the holiday seasons, there are many great seasonal stories that can be read aloud and enjoyed by the entire family.