• What is it? The Counselor Calendar is a way for Waller Mill School Counselor, Jessica Phillips, to provide students and families with fun activities & discussions to participate in outside of school, as well as keep up with school events. Each month, Ms. Phillips presents students with an engaging lesson in the classroom. Each topic from those lessons will be represented as the calendar “theme” for the month.


    Why is it important? The Counselor Calendar activities and discussions promote Ms. Phillips’s motto for the school year, “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE”. By learning and practicing each monthly theme, students learn more about themselves and how to shine brightly!


    Who can use it? The Counselor Calendar is beneficial for all! Hang it up on the fridge, set the activity dates on your phone, etc. Many of the activities can be done together as a family activity.


    When will I get one? The Counselor Calendar will be updated monthly throughout the school year from October 2022 to May 2023.


    Where can I get it? The Counselor Calendar will be accessible on the Waller Mill School Counseling website. Students will also receive a paper copy from their teacher to take home each month.


    How does it work? The Counselor Calendar consists of activities and discussion questions. These can be checked off when completed. Parents/guardians should provide a signature at the top of the calendar so students can then bring their finished calendars to Ms. Phillips on the last school day of the month to receive a special gift! A minimum of 5 activities should be checked off in order to get the gift.


    The Counselor Calendar provides students with the opportunity to:

    • Promote STAR qualities
    • Celebrate fun holidays
    • Participate in school activities
    • Engage in meaningful discussions
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