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  1. Director’s Note by Lee Knight
  2. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore by Lee Knight
  3. zigazig ah by mSAM6 Dance
  4. For Tristan
  5. I’ll Be By Your Side by Abigail L. (DAI)
  6. pump.up.the.jam by mSAM7 Dance
  7. Finish Line by mSAM8 Dance
  8. Reverie by Helen F. (DAI)
  9. Nearest Distant Shore by Megan K. (DAI)
  10. These 4 walls by Dance Arts I
  11. Some Things Last by Sofia D. & Parker M. (DAII)
  12. It’s not me, it’s you by Jane C. (DAII)
  13. Endlessly by Dance Arts II
  14. Fix Me, Fix You by Kerri DiFiore
  15. Yesterday by Chloe A. (DAIII)
  16. hideaway by Autumn B. (DAIII)
  17. Elastic Heart by Isaiah B. (DAIII)
  18. Forever Pair by Sydney C. (DAIII)
  19. peut-être by Naima F. (DAIII)
  20. Control by Savana M. (DAIII)
  21. I wanna cry by Amaya M. (DAIII)
  22. The View From the Other Side by Claire P. (DAIII)
  23. Strange Thunder by Lee Knight
  24. Black Coffee by Lee Knight
  25. Chopinesque by Lee Knight
  26. The Joke by Lee Knight
  27. I Lived by Lauren P. (DAIV)
  28. where did the time go? by Kali P. (DAIV)
  29. In Memory by Diana C. (DAIV)
  30. i watched the show by Via M. (DAIV)
  31. PARANOID by Hannah C. (DAIV)
  32. D R E A M... ? by Kaitlynne S. (DAIV)
  33. One Night Only by Cadence A. (DAIV)
  34. FINALE