$2,465 - Wells Fargo Foundation Innovative Grant for Financial Literacy

    $1,412 - Ferguson Foundation Innovative Grant 

    $300 - YC Waterways Alliance Innovative Grant for the Chesapeake Bay and YC Tributaries             

    $300 - Lawrence Butterfoss Memorial Grant for Innovative Technology                                 

    $5,202.93 - YFPE Innovative Grants


  • Tabb Elementary School - Brandy Robinson, Karen Ellard, Monica Shepherd, Jessica Demetros and Renae Knopp, "Teaching Word Study with Rime Magic!" - $650

    Tabb Middle School - Erin Watson, "Filling in the "Space": A review of 6th Grade Material for the SOL." - $762

    Tabb Middle School - Sarah Wilson and Laura Shaske, "A Whole New World:  Bioengineering Virtual Life Through Technology" and "Living Creatively:  Experiencing the World of Biology Through Hands-On Learning." - $1,471

    Tabb Middle School - Paige Jacobs, "The Future is Bright! Using Light Brights to Teach Physics Concepts." - $481

    Tabb Middle School - Chelsei Fox, "Burn to Learn: Teaching Entrepreneurship with a Laser Cutter." - $775

    Grafton Middle School - Evita Moody, "Building Connections:  Circuits for Success." - $690

    York High School - Dory Holder and Monica Chandler, "De-stress Depot:  A Library's Approach to Providing de-stress Activities to Overwhelmed Students and Staff", "Glowforge Ahead:  Laser Cutting & Engraving for Career & Future Readiness', and "Glowforge Materials & More: Mediums for Engineering & Design." - $2,645

    Waller Mill Elementary School - Roger Searles, Lindsey Larimer and Katie Brandon, "Commit to Compost." - $836.00

    Tabb Middle School - Erin Watson, "It's Electric:  The Art in Circuitry." - $371.63




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Spring Innovative Instructional Grants

  • Purpose

    Spring Innovative Instructional Grants are a means for providing small grants to teachers and other school level professional staff members to encourage innovative, creative approaches that enhance student learning in classroom instruction.

    Persons Eligible to Apply for Grants

    The grants are awarded on a competitive basis and any YCSD teacher or group may apply.

    Eligible Proposals

    All eligible proposals must ensure the following:

    • No school name, acronym or teacher names on the application.
    • submitted only one (1) copy of the Checklist & Certification page and the Cover page.
    • submitted nine (9) copies of the application (Pages 4 & 5 only).
    • provided an itemized budget that includes the vendor and prices.
    • Does not ask the foundation to fund the following: food, clubs, bus transportation, salaries for speakers or substitute teachers, alternative seating or clothing items.

    Award of Funds

    Teachers may apply for up to $1,000. The number of awards will depend on funds available from The York Foundation for Public Education, Inc.