Metrics Assessment

  • While the health and operational gateway metrics will be updated on a weekly basis, the division will use a two-week data window as the determining factor for establishing the instructional delivery model, aligning to the state’s gateway periods established for movement between phases.

    When health metrics remain stable or decreasing for 14 days within the Moderate, Lower or Lowest risk of transmission levels and the division’s operational integrity data points align to begin opening schools in accordance with state guidelines, the division will identify natural opportunities to adjust school schedules. Those natural opportunities include: the beginning of a 9-weeks quarter, the first Monday of a month, and the return from breaks/holidays. The division will strive to provide families at least one weeks’ notice when adjusting school schedules based on the gateway metrics.

    It is important to note that other factors may influence the division’s ability to make locally-based decisions regarding school operations, as was the case when the Governor ordered all K-12 schools closed in the spring. As such, families and staff should be prepared for abrupt changes in operational status.