• York County School Division Return to School

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced YCSD and school divisions across the country to approach teaching and learning from entirely new perspectives. On September 8, YCSD started the 2020-21 school year with all students learning from home in either the Remote Model of the Flexible Framework or the YCSD Virtual Academy.

    In late September, we began implementing a gradual return to school starting with specific student groups in accordance with the state’s phased guidance. By early November, we moved from the Remote Model of the Flexible Framework (all students learning at home) to the Leveled Model (all elementary grades on alternating hybrid schedule and all secondary students learning at home). On November 9, students in grade 6 moved to the Hybrid Model and on January 19, students in grade 12 moved to the Hybrid Model.

    Instructional Model Status
    (as of February 22, 2021)

    School Level Instructional Model
    Elementary School Hybrid
    Middle School Hybrid (grade 6); Remote (grades 7 & 8)
    High School Remote (grades 9 & 10); Hybrid (grades 11, 12 & NHREC CTE students)

    Gradual Return Timeline
    (as of February 16, 2021)

    gradual return to school timeline for students

    Gradual Return Timeline - Additional Dates
    (as of February 16, 2021)

    timeline of additional dates for bringing students back to school

    While our goal is to continue moving towards a full reopening as the year progresses, we must first meet identified health and operational integrity metrics - such as local and regional COVID-19 transmission rates, mitigation strategies, and availability of teachers and staff to work on-site. It is also important that we remain prepared to shift between learning models as the course of COVID-19 changes in our community and world.

    As we have communicated these plans and gathered feedback from our staff and families, there have been many very strong opinions around that work. We truly understand that this is a tremendously challenging time for our families and staff and we value this critical feedback. It certainly plays a part in our decision-making, but prioritizing the safety and health for all remains the top priority.


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