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    Cap & Gown Ordering(!)

    • **To ensure delivery in time for graduation, all orders must be placed by Dec. 15th!!!

    • All graduates are required to have a cap, gown, and tassel for the ceremony in June.

    • Order your cap & gown (and many other available items) at

      • **Here's a direct link to the page where you can find the most basic "cap, gown, tassel unit" (combo pack). This includes the basics without anything extra.

      • Please contact Mr. Conrad with any questions or concerns about cap & gown requirements or procedures.


    • Orders of $80 or less must be paid in full at the time of purchase; orders over $80 can be paid with a deposit of $80 at the time of the order.

    • Please order your materials as soon as possible; prices often increase after the new year. The current price for a basic cap/gown/tassel combo is $53, plus taxes and handling fees.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Caps & Gowns:

    • If you have a financial need related to your cap & gown, please contact your guidance counselor.

    • Gold honors tassels will be awarded to students with high GPAs. This is not directly related to the National Honor Society. Gold tassels will be distributed later in the year. Nothing needs to be done about that at this time.

    • Yes, students are allowed to use a sibling or friend's cap & gown from a previous year.

    • All honor cords, stoles, sashes, etc. for specific organizations are handled through those organizations, not through me. Any questions on those should be directed to the sponsor of each organization.

    • Only YCSD-approved honors cords, sashes, etc. from organizations may be worn. Please do not purchase extra regalia to wear with your cap & gown on your own; these will not be permitted.


    Senior photos - due to Mrs. Spohn by December 1st. 


    *Please check this page, as well as your class' Twitter (@YHS2022_) and Instagram (@yhs.2022) frequently for important updates that affect your class. 


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