• Activity Bus Information

    Students must know which neighborhood they live in. Students will be dropped off as close to home as possible, but they may be dropped off up to 1 mile away. 


    Route 1

    York Crossing, Grafton Station, Brandywine, Dare Road, Patricks Creek, Piney Point, Winders Pond 1 and 2, Cowboy


    Route 2

    Burts Road, Oriana Road, Lakeside Drive to Showalter road, Ella Taylor, Lindsay Landing, Breezy Point


    Route 3

    Foxwood, Firby, Darby, York Manor, Kiln Creek, Tabb Lakes, Greenlands, Victory YMCA, Commonwealth at York, Hawks Landing


    Route 4

    Bethel Manor, Coventry, York Meadows, Jamestown Village