• What Are The Requirements To Play A Sport At YHS?

    1.  All sports at YHS require an up to date VHSL form be completed and turned in to the coach on the first day of try outs.  No student may try out without this form completed by a physician, parent and the student.

    2.  There will be a try out process for YHS sports.  Not all students who wish to play will be chosen for the team.

    3.  If your student is chosen, then the YCSD Athletic Participation Fee must be paid.  It is $60.00 per sport.

    4.  The appropriate pages in the YCSD Athletic Handbook must also be turned in to the coach before a student can participate.

    5.  A note must be on file at YMS to allow the student to ride the bus to YHS for practice.  One note is good for the whole season.