• Support Staff

    LaTrese Martin, Counseling Director (Students A-J)

    John Sims, School Counselor (Students K-Z)

    Denis Balanta Grueso, YMS/YHS ESL teacher

    Kristin Bender, Media Specialist

    Courtney Judson, Speech-Language Pathologist 

    April Flinn, RN

    Michelle Johansen, Assessment and Compliance Coordinator

    Denise Fisher, Instructional Innovation Coach **see details below

    Jacquelyn Drumov, School Psychologist

    Custodial Staff

    Louise Dennis, Head Custodian

    Monique Heron, Custodian

    Gina Lakin, Custodian

    Reggie Rhett, Custodian

    William Stewart, Custodian

    Linda Sulik, Custodian

    Cafeteria Staff

    Debra Bell, Cafeteria Worker

    Julia George, Cafeteria Manager

    Henry Hopkins, Cafeteria Monitor

    Cynthia Halberg, Cafeteria Monitor

    Peggy Reynolds, Cafeteria Worker


    ** The Instructional Innovation Coach, IIC,  position provides training and technology integration strategies for teachers and staff implementing technology into the curriculum with the goal of competent, sound, and creative use of various instructional hardware, software, and Internet configurations. The IIC supports developing model lessons and instructional products for use in the classroom while providing instructional innovation coaching and support.