Yorktown Elementary Military Family Support
  • Yorktown Elementary has the honor and privilege to have families that serve in all branches of the military, including the Reserves, enrolled at our school. 

    Approximately 42% of our student population is military-connected and we welcome our families with gratitude for their contributions to our community, our nation and our world.

    As the military family point of contact for our school, please know that I am here for you! I can be reached by email (dneubauer@ycsd.york.va.us) or phone (757-890-5061).  Cheryl Parr is the military contact for the York County School Division central office.  She may be reached by email (cparr@ycsd.york.va.us) or phone (757-898-0300).  

    We offer several programs throughout the year to support and celebrate our military families:

    • New student lunch bunches for students entering the school.
    • An Anchored4Life team to welcome newly enrolled students and to support students in times of transition.
    • I offer small groups for students who are experiencing the deployment of a family member (please contact me if you are interested in your child attending one of these groups).
    • Wall of Honor
    • Military Family Night
    • Military Family Parade
    • Purple Up! Day
    • Observances and celebrations during the month of April, the Month of the Military Child