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    Current York County School Division 8th grade students may apply for the Pre-Diploma Program at York High School. Students should be currently enrolled in Algebra I or higher level math, Advanced English 8, and at least the first year of French or Spanish. Students must have a grade of B or better in each of those core classes. If a student is enrolled in Arabic 1, German 1, or Mandarin 1 (or higher level), they must contact the IB Coordiantor or school counselors for guidance. 

    York County School Division students currently in 9th and 10th grades may also apply to the IB Diploma Programme at York High School. Current 9th grade students should be enrolled in Advanced Geometry or higher level math, Advanced English 9, and either French 2 (or higher) or Spanish 2 (or higher). Current 10th grade students should be enrolled in Algebra II/Trig or higher level math, Advanced English 10, and French 3 (or higher) or Spanish 3 (or higher).  Students must have at least a B average in those core classes.

    Applications for these students are due during January of the current school year. For the 21-22 school year applications are due January 18, 2022

    Students transferring to YCSD may apply at any time during their 8th - 10th grade school years.  Enrollment decisions on transfer students are made on a case-by-case basis.

    Due to the course of study requirements for the IB Diploma Programme, a student in the Diploma Programme may not co-enroll in courses at the Governor’s School for Science and Technology (GSST).  Similarly, it is extremely unlikely that students in the Diploma Programme will be permitted to co-enroll in courses at the YCSD School of the Arts (SOA).  Such determinations are based on the availability of courses within the student’s schedule


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